The ability to bring to life an imagination, a dream or just a fleeting image is man’s true manifestation of God’s creation. Creativity is more than just an innate ability to perform a task but true creativity comes when your ability to constantly reinvent and improve a craft and finally breathe a life into that finished specimen.

A writer, George Bernard Shaw once said that “The goal of an artist is to create a definitive work that cannot be surpassed” and this saying is exactly what comes to mind when i put the microscopic lens on the scene of Nigerian Music Industry. The beginning of the journey, the challenges of the journey, the journey so far and its destination.

Nigerians are definitely talented and this is not because the origin of this article is originated from here, In this scorching city of Lagos Nigeria with its bustling and blaring noise from the commuting danfos speeding along the Eko bridge recklessly to the traders in the endless traffic pushing their goods in your faces, one cannot but wonder, what is it about this gaddamned city that owns the virginity of opportunities in this African most populated nation, even with all its political and ethnical chaos, crystals of hopes cascades down the faces of its populace.

 It was in the heart of this emerging big-boned giant city of Lagos that #haderotakisblog discovered this beautiful rendition of collage of songs put together and recorded by this young talented good looking lad known as Francis Ogufere popularly known by his stage name, Francis Bondd. The infusion of 3 songs to come out as one masterpiece is something Francis Bondd accomplished without breaking a sweat, when listening to this rendition, Francis took us from soft rock of Ed Sheera’s shape of you to Afro pop of Wizkid’s closer to some old school hip hop melody of the girls group TLC’s scrub. And the way his voice owned the song shows his flexibility, that what Francis does surely comes from his soul.

Francis Bondd is an upcoming artiste who is not just a beautiful singer with that serenade voice but he is also known for his skill on the strings of the guitar, yes the boy can play the guitar so good you will think he was born with it. If you want to hear or see Francis Bondd perform live, don’t hold your breath for that  long, mark your calendar today for every last Friday of the month  and go watch him perform live at The Root Restaurant, Ethnic Heritage Center on 35A Raymond Njoku street, Ikoyi Lagos. This is where we feel the bond with our very own Francis Bondd, will you be there this month? I know i will be there.

Watch  the viral video below


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