No matter how strong or smart or careful you are, no matter how pious you are, all these will be stripped off once you find yourself in a romantic relationship with someone you love. No one is ever rationally enabled in thoughts once your brain is in overdrive, when the chemical compound in your rational brain is spiked. That’s why we often feel immensed pain when a relationship comes to a brutal ending.
Dealing with relationship breakups is one hell of a painful experience and the process of healing takes a considerable amount of energy and self-imposed discipline. Here in this brief article are 5 important things to do/not to do after a breakup.

1.      DO NOT PINE: - Do not go pinning over your ex publicly after a breakup, it is not the easiest thing to do but you must get a grip of yourself. Most of us usually pine over ex-boyfriend/girlfriend after an unexpected breakup especially if you are the one who was dumped, it is painful, it hurts but don’t show this vulnerability publicly. Cry when you can, scream if you want to, whatever relieve the pains you are going through, shed them away but don’t allow the one that dumped you to know these feelings you are dealing with, they will not sympathize with you or come back to you, they will only feel victorious.
2.      EXERCISE/WORKOUT: - Exercise routines are very therapeutic in the healing process after a breakup, this takes your mind off the pains, especially in the morning, waking up to the realization that the one you love left you for someone else. Most people feel intense pain of a breakup more in the morning upon waking up and all the painful thoughts flood your mind. And at night, when you lay awake in the dark reminiscing about the past. So working out in the early morning helps to take your mind off things and activate you for the day ahead.
3.      GO OUT MORE: - Go out more, do not spend too much time indoor, it will depress you, there will be lingering images of them perching on every corner of your apartment especially if your apartment was one place you guys hung out or made love the most. Sleeping on the same bed you guys once made love on will send some army of pains inside you, spend time outside your apartment more and if you are the too-emotional type, you best crash more at your friend’s place for a while, this will help occupy your mind with gossips and chattering with friends.
The most difficult time of the day is at night, this is the time of the day when the mind and thoughts are at their most vulnerable state, you can get emotionally drenched to the point of reaching out for your phone to make that call, just to call and hear their voice, to know if there is any possibility of getting back but don’t do it, don’t call. It is not pride but principle. That’s why it is good idea to spend more time outside that apartment or with friends during the healing process of breakup.
4.      DO NOT BE THE FIRST TO CALL: - Do not go calling your ex begging them you want them back, do not call to say hi or say you are only calling to check up on them, it is disgusting, it is irritating, it is weak and you only hurting yourself the more cause the ex you calling, begging to take you back will find your pleads revolting. They will take your calls back to their friends and laugh at your stupidity, they will gossip about your weakness and make captions of your attitude.
5.      DO NOT LISTEN TO INTENSE LOVE SONG: - Do not listen to too much love song, stay away from Enrique Iglesias, Shania Twain, Celine Dion, Banky W, Boys 2 Men, Ed Sheeran, BeyoncĂ©, James Arthur, John Legend and the whole lot. Listening and lingering on these genre of music will crush your heart the more.
You want your love life to emulate or take the shape of these songs or romantic movies you watched or the novels you read, guess what? It wonn’t.


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